Sheila  ·  Jul. 6, 2014

Zoomie video


I have reposted our contest so that it doesn't get lost. I have copied over the bids into the post. Any new posts can be added as a comment. The contest ends tonight at midnight.

I am mostly white so I must be Baby Male Lamb

1. Highest bidder gets to name both the newborn lambs at S.A.I.N.T.S.! 2. Post your bid in the comments section of this blog post…BABY NAMING TIME! 3. You do not have to reveal your chosen names until you are declared the winner. 4. Payment can be made via Paypal, Canada Helps, cash (dropped off in person) or mailed cheque. 5. Chosen names must not be inappropriate in any way (no lambchops please) , nor should the names already by taken by a current S.A.I.N.T.S. resident 6. A tax receipt will be issued to the highest bidder. 7. Auction begins July 3rd 9:30 PM and ends at midnight Sunday, July 6. 8. Starting Bid: $20 9. Bid Increments: $10 10.Dollys first born, mostly white lamb is a male. 11.Dollys second born, spotted tricolor lamb is a female. 12.Good luck and have fun!

Even though I don't look tri colored in the picture I am more black so I am baby girl lamb

here are a few photos of the sweet babes from yesterday ...

baby lambs (3)
baby lambs (5)
baby lambs (6)
baby lambs (14)

BIDS Sheila $20 Ali $30 Polly Betterton $40 Lucypants $40 Janice D $50 Mary $70 Karen $100 Corey $200 AnnC $220 Corey $250 AnnC $260 Corey $300 Janice D $310 Cathie K $500



yay Cathie!!

i love the zoomie video.

girl: "Hey, I can do THIS!"
boy: "That looks like FUN!"
mom: "What are those two up to now?"


cathie k wins! what are your name choices cathie? we are dyin to know :)


Carol took me to see the new babies today - so very sweet. Can't wait to find out what their names will be


you missed mine! :-( but mine was 60$, so i'm way outbid now. ;-)