Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2014

new dog coming in tonight after i get home from work. he is an old lumpy guy like lola, and like lola is an unclaimed stray that no one is interested in adopting from the shelter. sucks to be old and lumpy so saints will welcome murphy later today...apparently he is a very nice dog.

that other sheep we were waiting for that was supposed to be coming in the fall is ready to come earlier now that her lamb is weaned. i don't know if she has a name. kevin and i will be picking her up late next week.

things are going well so far on the potential adoption of deisel. his possible new mom has been coming every day to work and bond with him. she said yesterday he was a bit of a jerk and snarled and snapped at her twice when she was doing something with him. but she stood her ground and made him back down. deisel's biggest problem is that in his past homes bullying humans and scaring them always worked to get humans to back off...that is not working so great for him anymore. he really is a very sweet dog who just never learned that he is not the boss. we will see how the rest of the week in deisel's re-education continues to go.

it feels weird not to be worrying and obsessing over elizabeth in the camera every night...she really was such a very good sheep and while i am happy she is free of pain and at peace...i miss worrying about her.

adam is doing great...he has put on about 10 pounds now and looks wonderful. his ear is healing well. when he goes in for his final check, we will arrange for an xray on his back end. he is most definitely stronger and not as weak as he was, but he is still a bit wonky in his hind quarters and we need to check that out.

bo is settling in well..not too upset at being back. his family is coming to visit him today on my lunch break, i do hope it doesn't upset him..i guess we will see. he will most likely be able to go home after his sutures come out.

zorro and elvira continue to bring the absolute joy of innocent baby living to saints...gosh they are cute. those are pretty big and powerful names for such tiny little babes so for now their baby nick names are Zed (or zeddy) and Vee until they grow into their grown up names.

i don't know if anyone wants to come up and do some brushing but some of the dogs are blowing their coats...china, lola, and buddy could use a few really good brushings to help them out.

toula and lily have been moved to the house and seem to be coping. rudi has been moved back to the office because of the heat. the little biting bastards are back in the mp room with a new configuration of gates in the works. note to weekend tour guys to speak to me about a new way to tour folks safely thru.

and i think that is most of the news.



i was a bit surprised at the names of the babies.
when i think of lamb/sheep names, i think of something "cute". but, then i thought of the names, and looked at their pictures, and thought... yeah! i can see them with the names!
those are names that will serve them well. i certainly will never forget them. :-)

i can't wait to see more pictures of the new arrivals.

i don't suppose there's something useful that i could donate to SAINTs? i know you have a list of items on the site here.
i'll just have to think about it- and i was wondering if there was anything immediate or niggling that would improve the animals or the property.

(i hope the camera finds its way back!)


Love the nicknames for the babies! They do make you smile just looking at them.