Rescue Journal

todays quicky news

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2014

tony went off to his new home.
shama is out on an adoption trial.
adams ex owner did come by and that went ok. he had a chance to say good bye and i think he knows adam will be very well taken care of here.

we have a new house guest...daisy will be eventually returning to turtle gardens, her adoption did not work out. daisy is quite shy so i do not want her outside unless she is on leash with me so please no one let her out. she is to stay in the house, she looks like she might try to bolt over the fences until she settles in.

it was too freaking hot today...please god screw up the weather report and make it rain!



dixi is still here..not sure where her photo went??? adam went up to him, gently wagged his tail and said hello and then when it was time to say goodbye...turned around and came into the house without a second look back.


I have my fingers and toes crossed for Shama! I hope it works out.

I notice that Dixi's pic is gone from the gallery. Did she find a home?

Adam looks magnificent! I am wondering what his reaction was when he saw his former owner?