Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2014

it was not a great work week...the low point was a simple flat tire that ended up costing me personally $414.00..don't even ask me how that came to be. so much for working overtime.

and speaking of not being happy...this is my least favorite time of the year. too hot for me and the animals. and it is famine time. the wells run dry...the water in the ground and the money stashed away in the bank..poof..... both gone now until the rains and the gala in october. every day just getting thru is going to be a dry dusty worrisome struggle around here.
it sucks.
whatever....not like struggling in rescue is anything new.


murph the smurfy new guy is a pretty darn sweet old dog. fits in well...a gentle and kind soul. he like everyone else around here deserved far better than what he got.

toula and lily are still adjusting to the house.

that lump on lukes back is not an is a tumor of some kind. the vet sent off a biopsy and we wait for the results to see if he needs surgery to remove it or not.

cindy is sick right now and confined to a cage. every once in awhile her FIV overtakes her and she needs monitering closely and daily medication.

adam's ear is healing well...we will get his hips and lower spine an xray and then come up with a plan for his future care. apparently his ex-owner showed up here last week and might be coming back again this weekend. i hope this does not spell trouble and it is only concern for adam's welfare...i guess we will see.

bo is doing ok...gutting the crap out of stuffies and picking fights thru the fence. these are two of bo's favorite past times...i will be glad when he is ready and can go back into foster care.

tinsel is turning into a kitchen cat.

shama is finally starting to settle in but he still has a ways to go.

rayven the ancient, not long for life cat really needs a single pet home.

zorro and elvira are joyfully living each day and dolly their mom is such a good mom...she takes great care of our wooly babes.

oh and crap...tony's adoptive mom called me yesterday and i forgot to call her back. she is all moved and ready to take tony home.

there are 2 13 year old bonded shitz's whose owner is moving overseas that are looking for a new home. if anyone knows anyone who is looking for 2 little nice old dogs together...please let me know.



Glad to hear Tony is about to move on. He's a great cat who has been waiting patiently the last few weeks. He's also been behaving himself the last couple of sundays and not bugging Sage.
I'm going to miss Tony, but I'll always have a little scar on my arm to remember him by.