Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2014

i think angel may be thinking of passing tonight. she has been been off today but has been up to drink several times and she ate some chicken a couple of times too. tonight she seems so peaceful, so accepting. i pick her up and she rests gently in my arms..awake, aware...softly, quietly she knows and is patiently waiting for something. i almost caved and took her to emerg. but really right now she doesn't need any help. she is not distressed, she is not upset. but she will be upset if i pack her up and take her out, it frightens her when i take her away from all she is comfortable with. it is so hard to be an old blind frail dog out in the unknown away from everything familiar.

i really do not know if she is passing or not..maybe the heat drained her a bit today even tho we kept the fan on her all day. but my gut says maybe she is preparing to leave. i think i will just hold her and wait a while with her. she does trust me to be there, whatever she may need.



Oh,she wouldn't ' eat anything for me today -hoping it was just the heat, as it's so hard on the frail guys, and even the stronger ones. As usual, you're tuned in to her and carefully watching to see what will happen.... She's safe to make her choice with you. Angel is such a trooper...Hope she 's ok.