Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2014

daisy is definitely "guardy"..she was not too happy to see kevin walk into the house tonight...and then she yelled at benny for eating from the food bowl. i distracted her over kevin and told her no over benny and the food. she sucked up big time to me over the no word and then turned around to sulkily chew on the dog bed. hmmmm, is someone a wee bit frustrated by the word no or by someone continuing to eat out of her perceived food bowl? we have a baby prima donna in our midst?
daisy..try hard not to grow up into a bossy bitch. one must always remember...with great power comes great responsibility. keep this advice in mind and you will grow into a great and gracious dog with this.

i called erin early this morning to check on angel and erin said while she was still comfortable, she still looked like she was dying. i did not want to let her go too long thru the process so i booked her euth appointment for the end of my work day. i called at noon to check in again and angel was up walking around, eating and i guess she is not dying yet.


i saw tedz down at the vets, he was in for his dental. he has dropped a few pounds. nice to see him again with his mom and dad...they so obviously adore that little blind fuzzy fiend.

it is official..the well has run dry, we are on trucked in tanked water now until mid fall...oh freaking yay.

luke's biopsy is is a mast cell tumor...shit! he is on steroids and antihistamines and we will see how long we can medically manage him this way as i don;'t think he is a good mast cell surgical candidate.

i talked to the vet about adam...ok to go ahead with the flagyl and see how he does. she also said to add a probiotic so i have picked up some.

i think that is it for the news.



:-( i wish the fire department would fill your well for you.
though i'm sure you'd have to pay for that, too.

Carol Ann

Beautiful Angel. the heat is probably getting to her. Angus is not enjoying it either.


i was looking through Jenn's wonderful facebook photos (go Ziggy!) and was absolutely floored by how many stunningly beautiful cats are currently at SAINTS. If I were anywhere near you I would be out there begging to bring some of them home with me... starting with Whiggy and followed up by Mac and Nacho. It's hard for me to understand why they are still with you.