Rescue Journal

heat wave

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2014

not much is happening here...everyone is just trying to deal with this gawd awful heat. hard on the animals, hard on the staff as they work thru the hottest parts of the days. we are so lucky that the house and mp buildings have air sorry for kevin and the barnyard souls who don't have that luxury. but at least all of the animals have access to water and many animals out in this heat, don't.

i absolutely cannot comprehend the repeated and continuous stories of kids and pets left in hot parked cars almost every single day. are you kidding me? in this day and age, with newscasts, newspaper stories, internet posts and ad campaigns every where you look about the extreme danger of this...they STILL DON'T GET IT? can adults who actually have a license to drive cars really be that stupid and brain dead? leave pets at home where they are safe.

anyway...out of time here, i gotta go to work.


Lenore Henry

Not too long ago I was going into Chapters books and as I parked my car I noticed two large dogs in the back of a small vehicle panting like crazy. The back windows were half way down (big deal!!) and they were definitely suffering from the heat inside. I wrote down the licence number and vehicle model and went into Chapters. I gave the information to the staff and over the loud speaker they asked for the owner of the vehice to come to the front desk. There happened to be a Starbucks in this Chapters and two girls come casually walking over to us just taking their "sweet time". Their words to us were "Oh we were just having a coffee" and seemed oblivious to the situation. I think if the staff at Chapters hadn't said they would call the SPCA and police those poor dogs would have been left longer while those two enjoyed their coffee in the air conditioned Starbucks!!


The stupidity of some people is beyond words. I recently "hunted down" two different owners - one in an Earl's Restaurant who left two dogs in his car, and another in a Tim Horton's - a senior citizen who was easy to spot because the dog was in a car with Veteran plates and she was the only senior in the place (2 + 2 = that was her!). Thank heavens both took me seriously (about my threat to call the police and SPCA) and returned to their cars. Let's hope they haven't repeated that selfishly thoughtless act since then!