Rescue Journal

2nd voting round...sorry for rushing this but i want her to have a name by the time we meet her tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2014

i took the top 7 because the others only had zero-one vote each. so vote again to get to the top 3. this time just pick your top # 1 favorite.

flossy (flo)
alice (in wonderland)
dorothy (there's no place like home)
woolamina (mina)

(oh and just a heads up...if dorothy is picked, and if there is a shortened nick name form, it will be either dotty or dori (dolly (which was suggested) has already been taken by the mom of our wooly babes.)



I've been away so just read the contest...of course I vote for Naancy!
Also have to add, my daughter's name is Felicia, and when she was little her friends called her Fleecy...always thought that was a good lamby name too.

Carol A.

I really like Alice. It will be like walking through the looking glass for that sweet girl!


If my name isn't making the cut, I go for Alice ( as SAINTS will be her Wonderland)


Alice. It's also Zander's moms name, I wish I had remembered it the other day! I forgot to tell you that Zander and Shelby had a play date, but Shelby wouldn't allow such nonsense (like playing) in her yard :)