Rescue Journal

alice in wonder land.

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2014

i am sure alice is wondering...what the heck just happened? yesterday she was hanging with her flock..the same flock she has been with for about a dozen years... from the moment of her birth. and it was a good flock...everyone was well fed and healthy, the barn was clean, roomy and in good shape. the pastures were thick with good grass, lots of protected space and a couple of sheep guardian dogs well trained to keep everyone in the flock safe.

why today was she cut from her flock, restrained, and then lifted into a van to be driven and set loose in another place...where she knew no one? where nothing was familiar? where she did not belong?

well... alice was actually lucky...she belonged to a kind farmer who was glad when this aging sheep who was getting too old for breeding had another option than slaughter. he was happy that she could come here to retire and finish her life off in peace.

sadly, alice does not know this..she does not know that it was human kindness that just turned her whole world upside down.

i am sure alice is wondering..where am i? and what happens now?

today wonderland for alice is maybe not all it was cracked up to be.

poor alice, some days.... life is just tough and scary.



Alice in wonderland is wondering about this new land. I hope she adjusts quickly. Lucky girl.