Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2014

annie is being a bit of a hag to alice but she will stop in a couple of days.

little zeddy was castrated was done under sedation. still...poor wee babe.

daisy is a bugger...too young too smart. her newest trick is shoving her head thru the tiny cat door and stealing their canned food.

the blood work is back on murphy and zues...both are cleared for their surgeries next week.

zues finally came up on the bed late this afternoon...took him a few days.

bo was here overnight, he had his sutures out and has returned to his foster home. bobo the boob...such a funny but pain in the butt dog.

oscar the grouch had his sedated vet check/bloodwork/mini dental with 3 extractions and his shave more poopy bum on the crazy fuzzy biting one!

just a reminder note...our vet bills are really high so only important stuff that can't or should not wait is going thru from this point on...nice to do stuff will have to wait. also fosters need to check with me first before calling the vets to book is not the clinics job to call me to ask for permission to see one of our animals and to give me the low down on what is up. all vet care for foster animals needs to be approved by saints prior to appointments being made. i had three calls/emails on fosters today..only one was from the foster family..the others were from the vet. lets try to improve that.

and that's it for the updates.



Awww...poor wee Zeus. I think it's so heartbreaking when family can't/won't take the companion of a family member who has passed. He looks like a cute little gaffer....which is likely a bonus for him since he doesn't like keeping his chompers to himself.

By the way, with all the things you have to think about in a day I'm surprised you can blog at all so it may not be menopausal brain farts..just a too-full brain!


I missed not only Zeus but also Daisy. I must have been in lala land that day because I'm here reading about all the SAINTS every day

shelagh f

i did the same thing, looked back at the blogs and thought who is


zues is a little half blind biting oldie with horrible teeth who came in a couple of days ago from surrey AC...apparently his elderly owner had just passed away. i might have forgotten to blog his arrival..damn those post menopausal brain farts.