Rescue Journal

ok..i am not done yet because not long ago i realized something else and tonight it was reinforced.

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2014


95% of dog folks have not a clue on how to fill in dog holes.

there is a mathematical rule on this...if 100% of the dirt comes out, then 100% of the dirt must go back in or.... you still have a hole.
there is also a geological rule on this...if you do not immediately fill in a dog hole, it doubles in depth daily.
and even an agricultural rule..dogs digging holes make lawns look like shit.

you may be wondering where i got my facts and stats from?

i made them up.

so sue me.

yesterday that dog yard had a 2 foot hole, today it was a four foot the end of the month, we might have had a direct tunnel to china. it is kind of like those posters of breeding cats..first there were two then there were 12 and next there were 97,416.

it took me ONE FULL HOUR filled with sweat and breathlessness and a few F words to properly fill in that hole 4 feet deep.

my lunie toons is an amazing dog...she has happy and speedy little mega hole excavating feet.

big grass looked nice for about one week.


lynne arnason

aww she is quite the digger and jumper but she is soooo happy that is fantastic

Carol A.

Love it, Love it, LOVE it! you lightened my evening.
Einstein would be so proud of you. the theory of relativity in dog terms!
Have a wonderful evening!

Luna sounds like a fabulous puppy. She just has to be busy doing something.... Its her job.


I was witness to her fence hop today. Geezus F is all I can say, you would think she has springs in her feet