Wishes 4 Whiskers Table Sponsorship and Animal Sponsorship

Sheila  ·  Jul. 28, 2014

Table Sponsors - We are hoping to once again have all our 19 tables sponsored for $200. If you, your family, your workplace, a group of friends would like to get together and sponsor table you can have the choice of one of the saintly residents or your own furry or feathered friend host the table. Thank you Johanna Hickey for sponsoring 3 tables and Kathy Koulouris for sponsoring 3 tables so that I only need 14 more sponsors. And for your efforts you can take home (or have me mail you) the centerpiece honoring your sponsorship. Below are a few of the photos that graced our tables last year.


(click on each picture to get a bigger, better, brighter look)

Animal Sponsorships -And because we know that all the volunteers and fans want to see every single “saints” face at the event we will again be asking for a $25 sponsorship so we can have a picture of that favorite saint at the event.

W4W7 009

You can email or post here if you would like to sponsor a table or an animal. Go to the top of the page and click on EVENTS to get information as to how to purchase tickets and find out when, where and ticket prices.

Click on the link to see all the available animals that are looking for sponsorship.
W4W8 Animal Sponsorship



Hi Jenn

I tried to email you but the email got kicked back to me. I just wanted to confirm to you I had read your post sponsoring the 3 dogs. Can you respond here or email me at that you have read this comment. Thanks


Can I please sponsor Maxx, Ewok and Robbie? I won't be there unfortunately the week of the event, but if we're short on tables I can sponsor a table and send my family!


I have recorded all the info above so everyone who has requested a sponsorship consider this your confirmation.


Bunny Horne

I would like to sponsor Gilbert, Chewy, Emily, Joy and Chevy if they haven't been. Dionne beat me to Brad. Please confirm so I can send the $$$$$. Brent Lovell will co-sponsor.


I just saw that Ali spoke for Rudi, so I will sponsor Sparky instead ( with Owen and Oscar)


I will sponsor four bunnies - Bonanza & Steele, Anthony Hopkins & Ray.


Sheila can you put me down for sponsoring Lola, Fairlane, Jet, and China please. Are we sponsoring fosters too? If yes, add my Cece to that.

shelagh f

I will sponsor a table, and also Molly and Theya
so table and two dogs


Lynne, can I come in on your table?

I will sponsor Oscar, Owen and Rudi ( the bulldog)


May I please sponsor Ziggy? also I will be happy to send $ for another SAINT who ends up needing a sponsor for whatever reason
Thank you!

lynne arnason

yes i am trying to organize a table for volunteers. we need 8 so far there is me, tammy and then u can we get 5 more people just blog on saints sight and let me know.


Hi Sheila: Squirt will be sponsored by me, and I will go in on a volunteer table. like other years.
Lynn, are you organizing tables for the volunteers?? Count me in please