I always find myself going back to high school when I promote the animal sponsorships

Sheila  ·  Aug. 1, 2014

There are only 17 animals left and they are mostly the cats and the rabbits I know I personalize this way too much because the animals don't know if they get picked or not... but I was lousy at sports and I was always the kid that was picked last to be on a team at school. And the dogs go in such a rush. Sometimes (as you have seen) more than one person will pick them. I always feel they are like the blonde pretty cheerleader and everyone else is in the uncool group. I felt so grateful when Penny, Meghann, Cathie, Christopher, Michelle, Johanna, Tammy, Helga, and Laura all picked from the uncool group because it was like they picked they kid no one else wanted on their team. Which is not true at all because I am personalizing it. And every year Leila will ask me how many animals do not have sponsors yet and she will sponsor them which is what she is going to do again this year because she loves all animals but she also was picked last in gym class too... So I am hoping that Leila doesn't have to sponsor the animals no one wanted because someone else values them Here is who is left.

Cats - Sage, Sydney, Sunny, Morgan, Conan ( sponsored by Karen N)

Turkens - Chris, Tris (sponsored by Meghann )

Pigs - Charlotte, Wilbur (sponsored by Laura W)

Rabbits - Cinnabun, Faith. Hope, Spalding, (sponsored by Carol H)

Goats - Summer, Doc (Summer sponsored by Glenda, Doc sponsored by Carol H)

DOG - Dixi (Sponsored by Renee)

PS: I went through all the animals that were up for sponsorship and are Dixi and Jake still at SAINTS???



Hi Erin,
yes indeed you did mail me the pics, for which I thank you. And you have an excellent memory because they are of The Zig Person and Silver! And yes, those photos are still on my dresser so I see them every day! :)


i should be here in the 13th glenda...looking forward to meeting you!

Karen Neilson

Sheila, I will forward a cheque for the W4W sponsorships ASAP. I will also include Saint Poush in the sponsorships. Thanks.


I love this blog! I was not gifted athletically and I'm sure not a cheerleader! You so often write how I feel Carol....I will sponsor Summer. She is a courageous being in my opinion. I will mail the cheque. I will put it in the mail tomorrow.....and by the way Carol I am coming to SAINTS! I will be there on September 13th for the tour! My daughter and grandgirls are coming along with us...I'm quite excited. I hope you'll be around, but if you are not it will be a little like not having the icing on the cake, but just the cake will be good!


Suzanne, I personally collected and mailed your gala sponsor pics one year, maybe your first year? I think you had ziggy and a cat...silver maybe? Anyways, I had to check each and every table for your pics so I could send them to you. I'm so glad your still supporting us!


Karen. I use the honor system and people pay (either through paypal or by mailing a cheque)without filling out a form. If you do decide to use paypal please just leave a note to say the payment is for animal sponsorship for W4W. Thank you so much for your sponsorship.


Penny I screwed up. Someone on another post told me I had left Fritz out. I must have mistakenly named him a rabbit. I will correct that.

Karen Neilson

I would love to sponsor Sydney, Sunny, Morgan and Conan. Does the newest Saint Poush need a sponsor? I would love to sponsor her too. She looks lovely. You have so many Saints that would be wanted in our home if we didn't already have a full house, also with some seniors of our own. I could find a sponsor form on the website. Is there one to fill out?


if I had boodles of $$$ there were lots of cats I would have been proud to sponsor. I continue to be stunned that so many lovely cats are still with you. I keep my photos too, Erin. since I live about 3000 miles away the photos are the closest I'll ever be to them


I agree Sheila, I look at this "last picked" list and I feel sad, it's ridiculous but it isn't. Like sage for example, such a lovely cat! I always keep my printed photos from the gala, So I pick my sponsorees according to whose pic I want to display with the group already on my wall from past years. It's like my own personal memory wall :)


Dixei the horse is on the page for saints animals residing at saints but Dixi the dog isn't.


dixi yes...jake may be back,,,he is having some serious SA issues in his new home.
and there are 2 dixi's dixie the horse and dixi the JRT..both are still here.


I will sponsor Sage..and Jake has a home now, he can be removed from the list.