Rescue Journal

new pregnant cat in...i have named her claire...her previous name was momma cat.

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2014

sheila...put me down for a total of $200 and add claire and her pending babes to my sponsorship list.

claire is about 8 yrs old and on at least her 7th litter of kittens..the vet said today she is halfway along in her pregnancy so even tho there are far too many homeless cats in the world...i just can't make myself abort her. i will however get them all spayed/neutered and find them great homes. we got one of her other kittens (linus) last year, he is with one of our clinic staff and is doing great. note to staff and volunteers....claire is very sweet, but she is also very frightened right now so everyone be really careful that she does not escape out of her medical room just to leave her be except for actual care needs until she settles a bit.

i stopped at london drugs and bought poosh a bunch of junk food and treats. she did eat some temptations for me and i don't know why cats love crappy cat chow but so many of them do so i am going to try her with some of that tonight too.

man it was hot today...wish it would cool off by 20 degrees!

well...since i was at work today, i don't really have much news so that's it i guess.


Carol A.

I think Claire is a beautiful name for her.

She is far more than a momma cat who will love her babies and take very good care of them. She is a sweet soul who needs to be loved and snuggled and treasured for herself. Very well named, Carol.

We were adopted by Willow - a beautiful and tiny lavender eyed lynx point siamese stray - a few years ago. She invited herself into our home and stayed, delivering a rainbow of kittens a month or so later. Willow at 7 lbs is less than a third the weight of her son Chewbacca - He also stayed.... chocolate points and blue eyed macho cat at a trim 26 lbs..... he's a love bug and snuggler!


What is Claire's story? Where did she come from? Penny, I think I saw Bob wearing them as I was leaving


I left a pair of glasses in the rabbit room today. If anyone finds them, can you please put them in one of rabbit room cupboards and I'll pick them up next Sunday (if not before). Thanks!