Rescue Journal is so stinking hot!!!

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2014

poor charlotte was BAKING in the heat and because of it's positioning....her roofed pig cabana/spa thing does not give her any shade in the late afternoon. so michelle and kevin and i rigged up some overhead tarps to give her some relief from the sun. i think she was pretty damn grateful!

daisy is a dweeb...she bit dawn in the butt yesterday and dianna in the shoulder today.... THRU A WIRE FENCE! no broken skin either time i am told but a couple of good bruises for sure. good thing she is going home soon or she might just find me down her throat..and not by her choice either. save me from juvenile dogs who operate with half a brain.

diesel is also a dipstick... i took him over to play with his pool in the driveway after work and he was having a blast. when i said it was time to go he turned into a snarling, snapping asshole. took me a few times to get him noosed and pulled away from the pool, then he settled down again and decided to be good. idiot, like i am going to let some pushed in face bulldog make the rules.

claire is still in hiding and looking totally freaked out but she is eating and drinking so i can wait until she decides to come out.

poosh is eating and drinking on her own now..big freaking yay!!!

i thought elvira looked a bit low at bedtime so i went out and checked on her again just now. she still looks a bit down. it was so freaking hot out today that i wonder if she did not nurse enough. kevin will check her again first thing in the morning and if she is still low, he will syringe feed some electrolytes into her and keep all of the sheep out of the sun for a couple of days too.

i so wish it would rain and cool down.



she doesn't have a new home, she is returning north to her original rescue.


Claire had polished off every last bit of the canned food I gave her yesterday but she won't come out of her cubby while anyone is around.