Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2014

rio is here. sigh. i was so hoping for a wise old soul (like gideon.) but i think we got a worry wart whose brain disappears with anything new. you should have heard the noises that came out of him when he came face to face with ziggy. not even sure how to describe it but it was a deep low groan screeching train engine...cuz you know...tiny little donkeys are terrifyingly scary!
he looks bigger and more handsome here than he did in maple ridge...go figure. i have no idea what that horse is going to do when he sees his first llama or pig.

today should be interesting....but maybe not fun.

gideon could not possibly be the only shining equine knight seeped thru and thru with incredible wisdom???

i miss him so much.

an 800 pound big baby old horse is still kind of adorable in some heart tugging ways. i guess i was just secretly hoping for a horse god that i could worship again.

whatever...he's sweet. he's cute. and he is now our little big baby.

speaking of....claire is still in hiding and i need to do something about this. putting my thinking cap on to help her not be so afraid.

lily is a pain in the ass in the computer room..the big chubby lug is knocking shit over (like computer moniters) as she continually gets her friendly self close to my face. she is pretty cute too in a slightly annoying way.

well i got stuff to do so i better get moving....everyone here this morning seems to be so far doing ok



I love how Lily got so comfortable at SAINTS.
She really is a lovely cat. I'm a sucker for the big boned ones.


My very smart, well trained, confident horse absolutely freaked out when he heard a donkey. Thankfully I had a friend with me who passed the donkey all the time but my horse was so freaked out her horse became worried. She thought that it really must be scarier than she thought because of his reaction. It would have taken we awhile to get by that donkey if she was not with me.