Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2014

it is kind of busy around here tonight. i have all of the big dog room guys in my bedroom, up on the bed. the bed buddies are all in the kitchen (except for andy who is hiding under my bed.)

dennis... bless his heart is replacing all of the chewed up trim in the dog room...$61 for trim and several hours of his free labor...a very good deal. once he is done doing that and fixing the holes they chewed in the walls...we are going to need a painting party to make it all look nice and tidy and well put together again.
anyone want to pick up a roller or brush??

anyway...the house dogs are all discombobulated...that kind of sucks.

2 new senior cats in..shandeau and hollywood are 16 yr old brothers whose mom had to go into a seniors home. they are currently in a medical room pen until we decide to move them to one of the communal cat runs.

also...michelle is going away for her daughters wedding so salem is hanging out in the cage in the mp communal cat room. he is totally pissed off but since it is only for a couple of days, i don't really care, he will get over it soon.

and just a heads up for the weekend folks....kevin is going away for the weekend so puff daddy will be hanging out in his old spot again. he will probably be kind of pissed about this too so be careful.

poosh was at the vets today...she has a single, painful ulcer on her gum. might be an abcessed tooth, or immune induced gingivitis or the start of a calici viral infection..we are waiting to see. in the mean time, she has had sc fluids and an antibiotic injection and i think we will start her on some pain meds too.

i checked with kevin tonight...dixi is out of heat and apparently rio is still being a possessive dork over her. whatever...certain horses are a pain in the collective butt around here.

gilligan arrives on saturday afternoon...that ought to be fun...not really, at least not for him. hope he is not too scared by the changes coming his way.

its has been a tough work week for me, pretty emotionally draining...i will be so glad when friday's end of the day comes around.

and that is it for the updates.



THANK YOU sooooo much!! I hope he returns shortly to his normally friendly self!!