Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2014

erin has given me strict instructions not to have any crises this weekend because all of the staff are away...hope floats.

poosh is doing ok...she is eating on her own and seems better.

geezer had his abcessed tooth pulled but is still having a bit of trouble eating.

shandeau and hollywood are adjusting well.

finally claire is making tiny baby steps of progress...she really likes temptation treats. we have had no luck in finding a foster home for the birth of her babes and time is running out so it looks like she will have to give birth here. that sucks. whatever. i guess it is up to us to make sure it works ok for her....rescue reality...this time around, no fairy tales for our dear claire.

20 year old cat # 1 is due to arrive early next week....20 yr old cat # 2...i am not sure...i will have to figure where to put that one yet.

gilligan arrives around noon today...poor terrified babe. he better not be a pain in the butt dumbo dork once he starts gaining confidence and settling out. was a brutal week and the weekends here are usually busy. no real rest for the weary.

i hope it keeps raining, life is a little bit better here right now when it is wet, cloudy and cool.



lol...thats good because i picked up some new eye cream for diesel and am not too sure how to get it into his eye!!


Oh lordy, Carol - I've been thinking a lot about poor little Claire..... I have fostered mom/kittens before. In fact, my girls and I were recently remembering "our summer of kittens" when we had moms and kittens in every room in our house! One group of four had no mother so we had to do the feeding and "bathrooming" every couple of hours. Fun fun fun.

I will call you to get more info.