Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2014

Dude will most likely be coming home tomorrow...he is finally eating on his own. i will pick him up on my lunch break. he still will need to be watched carefully so i will be settling him in the house holding cage to eagle eye moniter him over the weekend.

the two little shitz's whose owner moved overseas will arrive on monday morning..they are 13 years old.

i am working all weekend and i see on the volunteer schedule we still do not have a tour guide for sunday. i will TRY to get home for lunch a bit early to do this but IF i can't, is anyone able to step up and at least start the tour for me?? if we are lucky no one will come, but since we do not have a tour person, i am willing to bet our luck won't be so good.

there is not a lot of news here...everyone is doing ok for now.



If someone comes for a tour maybe someone in each area can show them around and pass them to someone in the next area. Team work.