Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2014

patches and ewok the second (the 2 13 yr olds whose owner moved overseas) are here. sweet dogs. both have very large plum size mammary tumors which i assume means neither are actually spayed.
sigh...more vet bills...its like skipping town owing unpaid child support. the person they were left with was told they were checked out by a vet and the tumors were just cysts and nothing to worry about. hmmm....they look like pretty big and ugly mammary tumors to me. we will get them taken off and sent for pathology..and that would be my version of responsible medical care.

gracie the FeLV cat is here. sweet girl. she came with a pretty good medical history but there are a couple of things we still need to check.

and tia arrived safe and sound. looks like she has put on a little bit of weight since she was rescued. not surprising since she has already eaten 3 full bowls of dry food since she arrived. she has a good appetite. also a very sweet dog.
thx nicole for transporting both gracie and tia!!!

sadly, dude was euthanized this afternoon. he has had 10 full days of treatment, including 6 days in hospital at the vets. he just was not able to get better. the vet said she believed there was no more hope and it was time to let him go.
rest in peace little frail dude. i am so sorry your last few months of life were so horrid.



Poor little Dude. He looked SO frail and sad on Sunday. He looked to me like he was just tired of life. At least he was cared for and cuddled in the very short time he was here.