Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2014

arghhh..i was up all night with a stomach ache...maybe i got 2 hours sleep here and there.
so i was awake to see tia playing with the empty milk jugs again...this time she was just playing with them because since i was awake, i kept the water bowls full.
i was a bit freaked to awake from one of my brief moments of sleep to find her chewing on the lid of a half filled water jug cuz ( thru no innocent leaky dogs fault) that could have made for a very wet bed.
i was also awake when renee called at 2 am because her sweet senior foster cat remmy was pretty damn sick. my new phone has a softer elevator music type ring so it is easy not to hear if i am sleeping.

i have no idea how many dog poops i picked during my various not feeling good night time wanderings but it made absolutely no difference to the numbers of dog poops this morning and that kind of pisses me off.

anyway..i am tired and i still do not feel all that great so nobody better expect much of me today, i am not in the mood to play rescue.

quick updates
tia is good.
patches and ewok the second went out into permanent foster care with jamie yesterday.
as per pennys post, claire has not had her kittens yet.
and that is pretty much all i know.



I am glad you dont know how many dog poops you picked up...I think that when you start counting is a bad sign. I mean it is one thing to be fixated on one dogs poo ( how often..size..colour..consistenty ) to do that for over simply crazy in the making. :-)