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bright ideas cloaked in bullshit

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2014

i wonder if those of us that do rescue are becoming a dying seems that the way of the future for animals is the shift to brokering....moving bodies from point A to point B.

i who usually have not a clue about what is happening in the outside world am following the teachers strike really closely. the three things that i am really passionate about are safeguarding the children, the sick, and the animals within our society. i am all about the most vulnerable of any species.

i have lived the governments bullshit propaganda about happy BC health care for its citizens for decades has been hit with the same for the last 12 years. i read an interesting letter from a local principal who was wondering where to find the money in his budget to fix a broken desk. his wondering led him to wondering how his school in the past had even afforded to purchase the desk. so he went back and 2002 his schools annual budget was $181,000 per year for less students...this year it was $23,000....87% funding cuts to his school alone in the past dozen years.

wow...we really as a province are sticking it to our kids.

and here is the health care, in education, in rescue...someone in power gets bright ideas and then skews the math, pretties up the outcomes, buries the dirties and presents to an unquestioning public a fairy tale...and we buy it. time and time again. until we find our child is sitting at a broken desk and there is no money to fix it for him.

fairy tales are for children who need their world to feel safe. adults who are responsible to make decisions on the well being of our most vulnerable, need to take off the rose colored glasses and look reality in the face.

anything that i do in rescue or the government does in health care or education that needs a publicity campaign to push thru... probably is trying to hide something from both ourselves and from you.

i said before when motives are pure that purity will demand that what is right, fair and equitable will always follow thru. but bullshit is like just gets bigger and more intricate and complicated to keep it alive and believed. sometimes we purposefully tangle up string so no one can really see that they are far shorter and more broken than we want you to see.

our animals, our children, our seniors and those that are ill would be far bettered served by a public that demands an end to bullshit and string tangling.

we have let bright ideas cloaked in bullshit blind us to the bottom line truths and our animals, our children and our sick and elderly are suffering from our unquestioning acceptance of happily ever after fairy tales.

it really is time for all of us to stand up and insist on no more bright idea bullshit.

we are grown ups, we are ultimately the real decision makers and we do demand the absolute bottom line truth.



Cathy I work with individuals with special needs and truth be told things take a wee bit longer when you are dealing with one or 9 individuals as I do. You carefully plot and make it happen. Sorry it did not happen for you. To fault SAINTS is not fair. But very gracious of Carol to apologize and I hope in the future you make it out there. Inspiring place to visit :) Am sure your Grandson would enjoy.


i really don't think this is something we really need to be in conflict about...the saints volunteers give their all and do their best for us day after day...i have no complaints. if cathy had a less than ideal experience here, then i apologize for this. all we can do is the best we can do and i think we can all reasonably leave it at that.


Wow the pot stirs. OK I admit we were late and as was mentioned not sure how long the journey would take. Add to this that our grandson was with us who happens to have special needs. It took him a good five minutes to walk from the parking lot to the entrance so we were in fact five minutes late. Very sensitive or perhaps insensitive folk seem to be involved here. Seems a bit sad to me.


There are times when people show up a few minutes late for the tours because they get lost in the back roads of Mission. Many people travel long distances from the Lower Mainland to visit Saints and for anyone not familiar with the area, it can be confusing. I volunteer on Sundays in the rabbit room, which is the first door people see when they enter the Saints yard. If someone is a few minutes late, they often tap on the rabbit room door for help. On many occasions, we show these people quickly through the MP building and then walk them through to catch up with the regular tour. Laura & Dawn are always very accommodating with this. In my experience, it has been rare that anyone has been turned away from a tour. They would have to be very late for this to happen, I believe.


I have been volunteering at saints for probably 7years now. I have been doing the tours every other weekend for more than 2 years. I have chosen to give up every other weekend of my life for a cause I love and will keep on doing it, I am proud of where I volunteer. It clearly states 11am sharp on our website but I have many times let people join in part way if they are late and always wait till 11:15 to see if anyone comes if no one is already waiting to start a tour. Why should I or the people who showed up on times wait for anyone...? If I was 10 minutes late for work all the time I would get fired... I arrange my weekend life around my saints schedule, never mind that I have a family and work full time too. This just seems to be another problem with society ... The " it's all about me " . Show up on time , if your late that's your issue.

And since it's already a hot topic... I support the teachers !


i am sorry you had an unhappy experience at saints cathy. our volunteers give up every weekend here from 9 am to 1 pm and i respect that they. like me. only have 2 days off from their paid jobs and have things that need to be taken care of at home. people often arrive late for tours...10 minutes, 20 minutes 45 minutes and hour or more were going later and later, volunteers were having to stay longer and longer. i finally had to just draw the start at 11 am sharp and we only do one tour. i appreciate that the volunteers have committed to being here on time to tour the public thru and i hope the public can appreciate these special people's time and efforts in volunteering here too.

Cathy Sabin

Linda - I think what happens here is if you don't go with the party line then you get dumped on. Yes its true that one can post anything one wants if it is your blog but by the same token you should expect comments. I happen to be a person who is not on the teacher's side.

I might also add that if you are thinking of going on a tour of Saints be forewarned not to be late. We didn't quite know how long it would take us to get there and ended up being about ten minutes late. We also brought along some food, towels and a cat carrier. The person gladly took it but didn't want to let us look around. After we stood there looking through the fence we were let in.


Kittens and momma are doing well this morning (Friday) - the kittens are all very chubby and so adorable.


Yay! wanted Claire to have them at Saints for selfish reason. Very happy she is at your house Penny.


I'm behind the teachers 100% and I'm not a teacher. If you have a blog you can write whatever you want. LOL Blogger 101.

Yay for the kitties!!!


Congratulations and in a few weeks...let the games begin !!!

So glad mom n babes are doing well

another Doreen

Oh kitten joy! And the circle of life continues after the sadness of losing Angel and Gertie, and so many before them.


Have to interrupt this dialogue with a news flash. We have kittens!! Claire had her babies late this afternoon, with the last one being born at 5:45 p.m. Carol (proud new momma) has been advised and asked me to comment on the blog for her. There are four babies, all seemingly healthy and eating well. Claire appears well also. Two are white, one with a black mark on top of it's head and a stump tail, one is black and white, and the last to be born is mostly black with a white underside and a stump tail (the tail must be genetic, as Claire has the same). Claire had a bad time with the last little guy/girl, as he/she came out feet first - but she's resting now with her new family. Congratulations Claire, and welcome to the world little ones. They are SO beautiful.

Nicole N.

BC teachers have had an average of 1% increase a year over the past 16 years - a 0.5% increase since 2010, where our politicians have had a 7.6% increase from 2008 to 2013. Teachers are asking for a 1.6% increase.... that's out of line? I seriously don't think it's the teachers that need to get real here Linda!!! And no, I'm not a teacher. I just support their efforts.

Carol all honesty...what is happening with the teachers, with health care, with animal rescue are all related to society's view about what those who are unable to contribute or speak for themselves are worth as far as our consideration is concerned. i live in animal rescue but i live in the rest of the world world is a singular vacuum. fortunately or unfortunately depending on someones perspective..i have concerns in general about the care of other vulnerable beings inhabiting my world and fortunately or unfortunately...i have a blog so i can voice my opinions about my concerns.


I think getting into the teacher's strike is a dicey topic. I grew up in a class of 40 kids. We were well behaved and most of us passed. The top third of the class will do well no matter what. They are self-starters. I think the strike is "for the teachers (pockets)", not "for the children". And what are children doing on the picket lines? Dr. Phil says "adult problems should be solved by adults". Remove the kids from the picket line. I was in a union for 32 years and what the teachers are asking for is way out of line and beyond what other unions have settled for. Teachers need to get real.
What is this topic doing on a rescue site anyway?