Rescue Journal

ok..i want to be clear here

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2014

i am 100% in support of the ongoing struggle of BC teachers to protect and advocate for children's rights to quality, equitable, comprehensive, accessible, and properly funded public education. i also support BC nurses struggle to ensure quality, equitable, comprehensive, safe and accessible medical care to all BC residents.

now...i do not insist that everyone agree with me. we live in the free world of democracy. BUT...i will not tolerate rude or snarky comments aimed at anyone personally because they happen to agree or disagree and have their own point of view.

my expectation is that here on saints blog...people treat each other with respect. open, honest, respectful dialog is welcome...but sneering, finger pointing, making fun of someone else... most certainly is not welcome.

that is an onion that i will not bother to peel.