Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2014

so last night i hand washed tia's collar and combed out her neck because she had her neck covered in dry cow or horse shit. tonight i get home and go to give her a kiss and her neck and collar once again are covered in dry horse or cow shit. i have combed her out and will wash her collar again and please fer chrissakes tia quit rolling in shit!!!!

the folks from the therapeutic riding association called today to check on rio...they might have been holding their breath to see if we would be sending him back...unfortunately no. rio the occasional dipstick is finally and forever... home.

jamie's new saints fosters...patches and ewok the 13 yr old shitz's are going in for chest xrays on wednesday. their biopsies on their mammary tumors came back malignant so we need to make sure it has not spread to their lungs before we put them thru massive surguries to remove it. fingers crossed for jamie and her girls that we can proceed to try to save them.

helga does not have any help for set up, break down and helping to serve the public for the saints garage sale saturday the 27th of this month. it is a huge undertaking for one single person so i am personally begging for her to please have some help!!!!



Doh !.. Sorry Helga, I just remembered that I working O/T on Saturday's for the next while.....


Helga, I can come in the AM around 7:30 and help until 8:45. Will bring coffee too.


Lynn: Not sure if you saw my request on fb or email that I sent you last week. Anyway, would you be able to switch days with me the weekend of the Gala? That way, I can come on Sat to Saints and then stay to go to the Gala that evening, if you can come on Sun for me please. Let me know, thanks, Brenda


Hugs and best of thoughts to Jamie and her huge heart.....and the new family members


Jamie: Prayers are being sent your way for the girls test results.


Actually, Ann told me today that she would be coming and also my friend Irene from Surrey. But we can definitely use some more bodies for setting up. There is a ton of stuff to haul out. And anyone that would like to just come and hang out is welcome too. After the initial frenzy its usually quite a lot of fun.