Rescue Journal

ok..i got a new mouse....

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2014

thank you tia for adding another task to me when i am feeling overwhelmed!

i signed the final documents and get possession of my very own little home on friday. i most likely will not get to use it a lot and i am not sure i can actually afford this but anything beats sitting in my car in a parking lot when i feel sick and just cannot bear all of the chaos going on around me at saints. park goers probably thought i was homeless. i have two for me and the animals and one just for me for eventual retirement and for now just to escape away.

apparently you can in fact have your cake and eat it too..if you are willing to pay for 2 mortgages...scary!

jamies foster girls lungs are both clear on xray so we can go ahead with the surgeries to remove those malignant mammary tumors. yay!

there was a new little old wrecked cardiac dog coming in but at the last minute the spca was able to find him a foster home.
so...his spot will go to a senior little leaky dog from up north. hopefully she will fly into airco next thursday Sept 25, i think around anyone able to go and pick her up for us...

sorry... i lost the question mark, other punctuations thingy again on it is not that i am stupid and it might just be tias fault.

dixon looks like he is turning back into the (sort of) wellness corner..pumpkin tested negative to FIV and FeLV so he is FINALLY out of his cage. both of the new FeLv cats have settled in well.

renee has taken chico in as her new saints foster dog and he is pretty damn happy about that!

we need to get a bunch of crates back to cam in terrace...she is running short with transferring so many homeless animals down south so we are also looking for someone to take a bunch back down to airco to send back to her. if anyone can help please let me know.

thats it for the news as i know it..altho there might be other stuff that either i forget or do not know about yet.


Carol needs cat sized, large and xl, xxl...can you take some from here back with you when you pick up pukeeta to ship back up by airco....this dog is not is not coming from cam but another shelter up there.
and sorry cam..i should have posted this earlier but i kept getting distracted and forgetting...duh!


i have two of cam's crates in my garage from before, plus i have a few extra if you needs aswell Cam. Also we get loads left at the emerg clinic, are there any sizes you're in need of more and i can keep an eye out for them when we get them donated?

and I can do the pick up on the 25th.


Congrats. on your new little home, Carol. I think everyone needs a cozy, private little nest where they can hide away from the world sometimes. Yay for Chico and Renee!!!