Rescue Journal

we lost china tonight

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2014

she did not want to eat her lunch today and started vomitting in the late afternoon. she had not had any pain meds since the morning and when i finally got some into her after work, she threw them up again. it looks like china finally decided that her cancer was making her feel unwell. i did not want her to be 24 hours without pain meds and feeling nauseated until morning when i could get her into our vets for euthanization so i took her to emergency tonight and she passed gently from there.

rest in peace china, you were a sweet, sweet dog. all of us will miss you here.




Her energy was infectious...watching her romp and play made me smile. RIP dear sweet girl


Yeah, her zest for life is an example for us all - illness never slowed her down till the very end - I will miss you too China


RIP sweet China. You will be so missed at the barn, loved that dog.

Lenore Henry

Such a sad loss - what a lovely girl she was....thinking of all of you at Saints this morning who loved her so much.

lynne arnason

rip china you had a lot of life for a body that was wearing out. you lived life to the fullest and will be missed. love you girl.

laura b

To see China was to witness the greatness of a dog who just lived in the moment.
Despite her cancer and her lumpy body China enjoyed living….it always made me smile to watch her bouncing enthusiasm while "working" and eating out at the barn……RIP dear girl….


Oooooo China :(
I will miss her enthusiasm and energy at the barn. Sweet old gal wouldn't sit for a second.