Rescue Journal

it is gut wrenching to lose 2 dogs in less than 24 hours

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2014

china had cancer and was around 16, owen was blind and deaf and close to 19 yrs of age...both deaths eventuality expected, but not expected in some weird kind of way.

anyway..i am not going to whine about how hard this kind of rescue is what it is and it is what we are here to do.

new senior husky in today...she also has cancer, a soft tissue sarcoma. the shelters vet advised amputating her leg. she is old, she is big, losing a front leg will not be easy. i will get her into our vets next week to discuss possible options of treatment.

her name is miko and she was pretty scared when she arrived. she is settling a bit but still nervous because this is so strange for her. miko came from a shitty home, chained outside 24/7, neglected and far too thin. i can tell that she really likes the soft clean quilt she is currently laying on. such a simple and easy thing to give comfort to another living being.

we have also taken in another senior husky today with health issues from surrey shelter but she went straight into foster with us. the shelter was able to do her dental extractions and a bunch of other stuff so she is recovering from a pretty tough day. her name is ki. i will try to go and meet her sometime next week once she is feeling bit better.

angel gone, gerty gone, china gone, owen gone....and patches and ewok 2 into foster, chico into foster, ki into foster, zues, gilligan, tia and mika new in here. that is a lot of in's and out's in the last month or so with just our dogs.

it is what it is and it is what we do...but man, i just have to whine a little bit... some days it is hard.



good bye beautiful china-girl. i'm so glad you got to stay a little longer. thank you carol.


you're not whining- you're sharing.
a drop shared becomes smaller each time.

i don't think it's meant to get easier, no matter their age or health. SAINTs has an attachment to these guys. they become a part of SAINTs, a part of their history.... a good part, for some the best.


I like to read whatever you have to say. Yeah whine away, you put out a lot of emotional energy and see in a couple days what most of us don't deal with at all.

I have a lot of respect for how you handle things.

another Doreen

Whine away Carol - I think we all sympathize!
There have been an awful lot of changes there again lately!
I know that it's the nature of the rescue you do, but a little piece of you must die with each loss.