Rescue Journal

thank you!

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2014

well...i had a fabulous day with my family at the new cottage. i have met several of my new and super nice neighbors. everyone just pops by to say hello and welcome to the community. i think i have found a pretty special place to chill out and spend time with my family. my little grandkids played and played and played...with toys, sticks and sand...they are so freaking, heart stopping cute!!! the adults all really enjoyed our time out there together cooking, eating, talking, washing dishes, watching the children play. it was a great day and so HUGE thank you's to everyone who covered for me here at saints today and even HUGER thank you's to mo, lynne, anne, jamie and tammy for working so hard to pull that cottage together yesterday so it was ready for was probably one of the best and most precious days i have had in years.

while i was gone..i sense i was missed. i got home at 8pm and quickly fed and settled the mp room. mystic was fit to be tied for being shut up in the house for so long. murphy was so over the top at my return that he ripped the shit out of a giant stuffy toy in his utter glee. and even mika was quite happily singing husky hello's to me.
i feel bad that they missed me but i did eventually after 12 hours away come home again so they are happy with the return of their personal slave.

well..the bed buddies are calling and i am pretty tired... is was great soul filling fun but it was also a very long day.


lynne arnason

i was not home but i had planned on coming up about 500 to see the animals again. so sorry i could not make it. i had my grandkids and took them out for the afternoon and evening.

laura b

Awesome! sounds like a perfect day.
On a side note I left some meds in your fridge plus a big bag on top of the microwaveall from a friend Dexter who passed away :-(


So glad you had a great day...your little place of peace is wonderful and I predict many happy times will occur there.

On a separate note...I left my phone at a friend' won't have it with me today.