Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2014

i do not know what to do about pepper. we brought him home yesterday afternoon...the clinic thought that because he perked up when we visited him...he might stay perked up if he was home. well he is not. he will drink but he will not eat, he still will not or cannot stand, he tried to bite dionne and ali and he did bite mo in the face last night while they were trying to comfort him...three of his most favorite people of all. he reminds me of that horse in the horse whisperer...beat to shit and totally traumatized. and i do not know how much of all of this is physical...pain and nerve damage and how much of it is emotional?

it sounded so definitive, so heroic, so right...SAVE HIM.

and we saved him... now what?

my back is so bad this morning that i cannot even bend to fix his bed, or pick him up from the floor that he has crawled to and lay him down in soft dry comfort again.....hopefully the pain meds kick in soon so i can actually bend and help him.

it has only been 4 days since the attack, do i just need to be patient and give his body and soul more time to heal or am i just prolonging the inevitable... should i set him free and let him go?

none of his injuries are actually life threatening and yet his life is threatened because he has been brought down so very low.

this whole thing is just so fucked up and i freaking do not know what to do for him.

biting is nothing new for pepper...he was in the office with the other biting, twisted little ones for a really good reason. but...even tho they are all freaking dick heads, they still all had light and joy inside them (when they were not being demon dickheads.)

for all of them, jazzy, darby and pepper, that light is all gone now and there is just darkness instead.

ahhh pepper...are you going to be able to turn back on your light again?

three lost but much loved little dogs...two now far beyond our reach and while the third is still with us, we cannot reach him.

so utterly fucked up and sad.



Yeah, what Mo said in her last post....He's been given a second chance ; let's see if he takes it. You'll know soon enough Carol


Just re-read your post and I too think that we need to give him more time...if he was in excruciating pain..I would say let him go...but if he has a little flame left inside....... ( which I think he does cuz he does wag his tail when good friends come to visit ) it may just need a bit more time to grow. Whatever decision is made, we all know it will be in Peppers best interest. I think I speak for the majority of readers...that no one envys the decisions you are forced into making and we know you always do what you feel is best for them...even when it hurts you so much. That takes real courage.


It takes a while to get over trauma as severe as his, but his will to live is obviously very strong. He'll just need time and patience to feel that his world is safe again.

Carly Fournier

I too feel you should just give him time to heal.Don't let him go just's not his time....


Of course it was my fault.
.I know peppers tendencies...but still put my face close enough and knowing he was feeling like crap...but i think the punctures give my face a little more character.


From what you say in your blog, Carol, my gut reaction is to give him time. As you said, it's only been four days and he's been through so much. It could take a lot longer for him to get over the trauma. The whole incident is so tragic, but Pepper has a chance to recover, hopefully. He sounds feisty, if he's still biting!


it was not your fault and i am pretty sure i saw at least 8 bleeding little pepper sized punctures on your poor nose. he has always had a tendency to react with his this not why none of us wanted to trim his bangs last weekend? biting is the only normal thing about him right now. oh and the meds kicked in..i changed his bed and got him all comfy wrapped in a nice warm towel (which i tossed over his head while moving him so i did not get bitten too.)


It was totally my fault that he bit me..I was laying down with him syroking his head..and i think i moved my hand down his back too close to that front leg..he knew right away that he didnt want to hv done that..and it wasnt a hard bite. I hope he finds his light again