Rescue Journal

well....if i am going to be patient and give him some time...

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2014

it is not really helpful if he dies of starvation before he gets better. he has not had anything to eat since monday. i am not that horribly concerned about it yet but i will be by monday so when nicole gets out here with the new old leaky dog from up north tonight...we are going to do a semi serious attempt at force feeding. i figure if we work out the kinks on how to do it with a biting freak, by monday when i really want to get serious, i might have some decent success. anyway that is my current plan.

and while pepper really wants just to be left alone and i dread having to upset him even more....the bottom line is that poor little dog does in fact need hands on, interventional care...daily bathing for his multiple wounds, a full shave down pretty damn soon so we can see exactly what is going on all over his body underneath his fur ( he is booked in for sedate and shave on monday), injectible meds and hopefully soon, oral meds, and fluids and food in one way or another. caring is not always kind or warm and fuzzy..sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do.

poor pepster.

ginger was ill for the past couple of days...luckily kevin was right on top of it and told me as soon as she missed her first dinner. the vets were out the next day and ginger had a whopping high fever of 108! there were no obvious signs of infection but she obviously had an infection so she got some antiinflammatory meds to bring down her fever and she got some long acting antibiotics to fight the infection and she is back to her normal self today...but we will still watch her carefully.

tia is a ding bat...she has eaten my second computer mouse plus a whole bunch of other shit. this has nothing to do with separation anxiety because she chews on stuff when i am in the room. i think our little 5 yr old momma chained dog, never really got to be a puppy herself. she is now making up for it by wrecking all of my stuff.
whatever...she will get over it but erin says that my computer is next so don't be surprised if i am suddenly off line for a bit.

so besides the senior leaky little girl from up north who is arriving today...sorry..i forget her name! there is also a 10 yr old biting chi coming...his name is buddy, a 10 year old palliative with cancer cat coming...her name is maya and if no one else steps up for her...a 10 week old kitten named ruby with congenital deformaties of both her front legs.

mika sees our vets on tuesday and we will see if we can attempt surgery or if she is palliative care.

jerry has had no further seizures but since i just said that i bet he has one today!

we need to find really super great homes for the young ones we have here...tia, gillgan and pumpkin the cat...for these guys we should just be a stepping stone because there are a ton of seniors who need us and these young ones should find really great homes.

could everyone please talk them about and spread the word that they are looking for homes? we all would really apppreciate that.



My go-to for dogs and cats that are not eating is water-packed no salt sardines.


Come on ok and accept help.

Carol, where are the new dogs going? Where are Pepper and Oscar? Thanks and maybe see you tomorrow?


I haven't put Tia on petfinder yet, I thought I'd give her a week or so to heal. I will put her up sooner.