Rescue Journal

quick updates cuz i am needed in homeless animal land...

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2014

teek is adorable and very sweet altho she fusses non stop when i leave her.

buddy the little old biting chi is here...he is pretty much scared shit-less..enough so that he wants me to pick him up when apparently picking him up led to his biting. anyway..he will settle soon and most likely become an ass.

pepper has had his meds, his syringe feeding and his bath. he tolerated it all pretty well but he is still a very sad little camper for sure.

i met kiana our new old foster husky today...jen brought her up for intro's and medical planning....she is a very sweet old girl.

shelagh...oops and sorry..i meant to put that canadian tire money on the office desk not the computer room desk...tia had fun with it tho....i have to say it was my first chuckle in days so it was canadian tire money well spent (just kidding, i salvaged most of it!)

thank you to everyone for the help today and it was nice to see pepper so warmly wrapped up in everyone's hearts.


shelagh f

no, it was a donation from a lady on saturday, i can take it back and
count it next time i'm out. sorry Carol, i just heard desk and put it
by the computer.


shelagh do you need canadian tire money for something? cause ive got lots in my truck....


I have thanks too to all the generous donors of sale items, all the bodies who came to help with the sale and all the buyers who made today another successful yard sale. Exact takings will be known soon but we did good for the critters.