Rescue Journal

quick updates.

Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2014

i FINALLY went for my annual grooming appointment today...$15...i am a cheaper groomee than the dogs! anyway..the good news i have ditched the crazy cat lady look for at least until next fall.

jerry bit me in the foot while we were watching the voice tonight..apparently my toe accidently barely rubbed up against him. i was kind of pissed at him because it hurt and i am kind of tired of him biting me in his sleep but then he fell off the bed a half hour later so i felt sorry for him and he is forgiven...again.

maya the new old cat with the large tumor has arrived..i will get her into one of our vets and see what they advise.

ruby the little 10 week old kitten with the congenital bilateral front legs deformities is coming to saints...she is super cute in her pictures and i am looking forward to meeting her..i love babies of any species (except maybe not so much puppies!) once she is here. i will also get her into our vets so we have a good plan of care for her.

saints welcomes ashley as our new part time barn help is really hard work out there but it looks like she is well up to the challenge.

pepper is pretty tired. it was the first full day of all of his various and multiple medications, we did manage to get a full 300 mls syringed into him, plus his was a lot of hands on treatments for him spread out over the day...he was a trooper with it all but he is out like a light tonight. he still is not making any attempts tho yet to stand.

mika bit oscar the grouch major damage. erin said it was totally oscar's fault...the dumb little shit ran right up underneath her and tried to kill her...what an idiot stick...a 10 pound furball against and 80 pound husky. i love oscar a lot but he is sometimes dumb as a brick AND he is a mini jackass.

new little teek and new little buddy are both doing really quite well.

jamie said her foster dog patches did ok with her massive mammary tumor removals today and ewok her sister goes in tomorrow for hers and we really hope all goes well for her too.

sad news tonight...past saint general albert spice has passed away from his adoptive family...he was 20 and a half years old. he had a very long life and a very great final home...hugs and huge thx to his family for loving him so well.

and that is all of the news that i can think of right now.

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OMG Saint Albert..the little poodle who gave the very best snuggles in the entire universe ?...My deepest condolences to his family...these small guys seem to leave such large hurts in our hearts.