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sad news

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2014

i am going away for a couple of days, the staff are covering saints 24 hrs around the clock til i come home again. i am taking pepper with me up to the cottage to spend the night together and then will be taking him into the vets in the morning for euthanization.

pepper's blood work came back and he is in liver failure which has nothing to do with the recent attack except it probably is what tossed him over the edge and now he just does not have the physical reserves to get better. and this may be why jazzy and darby turned on him..they sensed his illness and weakness and it suddenly made him a target and victim. sometimes nature really is not very kind.

all of us are broken hearted over the events of the past week and tomorrow will be especially hard. but pepper needs to be set free and leave all suffering behind him now. i will be taking peppers necessary eye and pain meds with us so he has a comfortable last night. i think he will enjoy just him and me at the peaceful cottage...he can be my singular bed buddy...i think he will really like that.


Carol A.

I just heard the news about little Pepper. I am so very sorry. I know that last night with him was bitter sweet. Sending hugs.

Renee Beanlands

your kindness inspires me ... my own Bichon Shi Tzu just turned 15 - his previous person contemplated euthanizing him because "vicious". He was 11 then ... now he is my heart. And he is healthy but if it is in my power to make the decision to ease his passing when the time comes, I will think about you and this post and I am sure it will strengthen me. Thank You.<!-- /.comment-image -->


Good Bye you forever and missing you already.

Swift peaceful journey good dog.


The MP room seems very empty now with all the little troublemakers gone. Pepper was special and I'm glad he's going to have a special night. Sleep well Pepper.


What a wonderful gift for his last night with us. Pepper is a special little dog and it sucks that it ends this way. I am sure you will make his last night very special Carol, take care as I know this will be difficult. More tears for me too reading this, makes me very sad :,-(


Thoughtful idea for your last night with him. I bet if he could talk he would say "Thank You Carol"


More tears. So sad. What a wonderful thing for you to do, Carol. It will be heartbreaking for you, but Pepper will be SO happy to have you to himself.


So very many hard losses lately. I will miss feisty Pepper and his playfulness and snuggles. Thank you Carol, for making his last night special.....


very sad news indeed - thanks for making his last days Pepper :(

lynne arnason

i am so sorry that peppers life will end this way but so glad he gets carol all to himself tonight. that will be special to him. guess because he was so sick he really could not rally back. i hope tomorrow is peaceful for the little guy. big hugs to you ,,pepper and carol