Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2014

it never fails...when i am in a bad mood over something..something else equally capable of pissing me off is bound to come next. drives me insane...i so love my problem animal but i cannot or will not keep him so i want you to take him, care for him well, pay all his vet and food bills, make sure he gets every single thing that he will ever possibly need and that he will live happily ever after and let me visit and tell him how much i love him as much and as often as i want.

are you fucking kidding me?

i am so tired of being a dumping ground for every problem animal that someone else has and does not want to deal with. animals with emotional, behavioral or mental issues should be going into rehab somewhere to get the help they need. we are a seniors, special needs, end of life, homeless animal facility....this is where we have the most expertise.

so when i arrive home, still stewing over how many many times and in how many many ways, some folks try to manipulate and take advantage of us so they can have their cake and eat it too...AND how many animals who are really sick or at the end of their lives that get the blue needle in a shelter environment because we are too full and it pisses me off. sick and dying homeless dogs like lola deserve a chance at some really good pain control and a few really nice swims in our pond..they deserve to be fussed over, catered to, get some expert end of life medical and comfort care to keep them feeling important and loved for awhile..just so that when they are finally ready to toss in the towel, their last thought was not shit, my whole life sucked but hey the last bit of my life was kind and good.

that is what we are SUPPOSED to do here.

it did not help to come home and find the house has no water and the pump has been running non stop. apparently no water was delivered last week and we did not notice. i am trying to switch over to the well...but it does not look like it is working.....maybe we have not had enough rain yet. AND i HATE going down into that gross and cob webby crawl space to switch back and forth!

i need a beer..too bad, i am not out at the cottage. it has a ton of free flowing, never ending water and a few cold beer in the fridge.

today marginally sucks.


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Hi Carol,

Ann and I connected and have figured it out. I still read your blog religiously with both heartache and laughter. My two young boys ages 11 & 8 now read it with me. I think I have two future rescuers in the works. In the summer they walked both our dogs in Osoyoos and when they came home they announced they had found another dog. Much to my shock it was a 90 pound lab. That meant these two little skinny kids were now walking about 310 pounds of dogs down the street. All they said was Mom we couldn't leave him he would have gotten hit by a car. I was never so proud of them for anything they have ever done. In that moment I felt I did something right as a parent. We did find the owners thank goodness!


lol...the blog is a good place to find us if we seemed to have disappeared. sorry we missed you...our email contact is not always fool proof...lots of forwarding from one person to the next. the info box is a catch all and it looks like you somehow got sorry and good on you for not taking it personally and finding a way to get us..yay colin!


Thanks Carol, sorry to bug you on the blog I have been sending the emails to info@saints in your contact section. No worries I think you guys may have my old email. The correct one is

I just want to make sure I continue my support.

You are still and will always be my hero!!!!!!!!!!!


hey colin...what email address are you using (the is defunct) and i havent seen anything from you sorry!


Hi Carol, sorry things have been so tough on you lately. I sent a few emails but haven't had a response with regard to my monthly sponsorship. (I know how busy you are). I think it has lapsed and I can't find my statement. I just want to ensure it is set up.