Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2014

ruby had her vet check yesterday with xrays...her bilateral front legs deformity is definitely congenital, not a birth injury or from any accident or abuse...she is missing the radial bone in both of those legs...for some reason they just did not form.

mika also had her vet check...after discussion with the vet re risks/benefits (no real benefits..these types of masses spread quickly and almost always return so unless we did a complete amputation followed up with chemo and radiation which because of her age and her current inability to gain any weight we will not do)... it was decided not to attempt to remove that malignant mass on her leg and so she is now palliative.

ash has been moved over to the medical room...she found the house too overwhelming. she has settled in there very well already and is much happier and more relaxed....she was even playing with a cat nip pillow within the first hour or so.

a couple of new guys coming in later today....a totally wrecked bulldog and a turtle.

i will be out at the cabin for most of the septic is finally getting fixed. today it is robbie's turn to spend the day with me out there...i bet he likes it a lot!



Oh yes I am curious to know how a turtle has found its way to SAINTS.


A turtle??? Is this a first for you, Carol? Looking forward to meeting him....