Rescue Journal

there was a lot going on around here today so i will get thru that stuff before i share more sad news with you.

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2014

firstly...ruby is going out on trial with dave our vet tomorrow. hopefully things go well...but he has a couple of bitchy cats so we will have to wait and see. i am really hoping this works out well. the best home for ruby is with a great vet who will be right on top of all of her medical needs. she is already developing arthritis in her elbow joints, good pain control will be absolutely necessary as she grows. hope is floating for ruby.

our newest littlest saint is here...squirt the turtle. since i highly doubt that he/she knows his/her name (esp. since it was the good folks at surrey animal care who recently named him/her and because we already have our own unique squirt..the door is open for unisex names for our new addition to saints. feel free to suggest a new name for this wet little one.

agnes the new wrecked little bulldog is here..and can i just publically say what i am sure surrey couldn't actually say when they thankfully picked up this stray....,..god damn fucking bastards who not only bred her to death but starved her of both food and affection....i know whoever had her hit that poor babe on the head when she desperate for love tried to hump them because she cringes when i go to touch her head. she is missing most of her hair from untreated life long skin infections (until surrey got her and started her on meds.) you disgusting example of the human race allowed this dog to suffer for all of her life so you could make money off the puppies she had. and every puppy you bred and sold, will have the same horrid health problems, the same horrific conformation...the same giant vet bills that their poor mother needed but never once got. fucking asshole backyard/puppy mill breeders...may you all rot in hell.

agnes is most likely palliative...mammary tumors and a nasty growth on her foot..her skin is foul, her eyes and teeth are totally fucked up...she literally is god awful ugly...but she is a very, very, very sweet girl.
welcome to saints honey....we will take good care of you.

and the sad news....

we lost desi today. she has been teetering on the edge since a year ago when i almost put her down. but she stayed on the good edge of enjoying her life until today when she crashed and said she was done. i could not be with car was boxed in at the cabin by the septic equipment so renee took her and held her and made sure she passed gently and with love. ahh desi you were one strong and determined cat and such a lovely little soul. rest in peace des...we will all miss you, you were a very great little girl.



Agnes is so very sweet, I spent a lot of time with her today. I like Donatella too...


I like Donatello as well - that was one of the Ninja Turtles names on TV. (The only reason I know this, is because one of my mentally handicapped ladies at work loves them, and watches the cartoon all the time,) - and Donatello can be shortened to Donny. I know you prefer 2 syllable names Carol - easy to fall off the tongue.
and RIP Desi and Maya...


I'm relieved to hear that sweet little Ruby may have a home. Even with her birth defects, she has such a great personality and deserves a good home.

another Doreen

How about Snurtle the Turtle?
That's not a name that will likely be attached to any other animals ever coming to SAINTS.
I'm so sad about the ongoing losses there, but at least they have known some love and the good life before passing on. And they haven't been alone!

Carol Ann

Poor Agnes, sending her lots of love. How can people be so cruel. It disgusts me. Wish we could take her home and love her.


I was going to say Tommy for the turtle & if we ever determined a could be changed to Thomasina if necassary... but hearing Donatella... I kinda like that name too.

Sorry to hear about Desi & Maya... RIP have lots of friends where you are going & where you have left. Sweet swift journey.


I used to have a pet tortoise as a kid - his name was Oswald (Ozzie for short).


I am so sorry for your recent losses. You all have taken some really serious hits out there recently. What about Zippy for the turtle?


Desi was such a sweet girl. Not wanting much, good food and affection.
I'm going to miss little Desilu.


Poor little Desi, she did good for so long.
For the turtle - i like Becky - weird turtle name i know but i like Becky the turtle.

Also so sorry, but I forgot to give you a heads up - The freezer is being delivered tomorrow around 1045-11am. The lady's name is Lisa.
i'm not sure if there is space cleared in the shop for it - i meant to tell you earlier!

Volunteers, please keep an eye out for these people delivering the freezer! thanks!


My little rescued dog was head-shy too when he came to live with me two years ago. Now, instead of cringing when I stroke his head , he just blinks. Took a while to trust again. Lucky Agnes to have landed with you, Carol. I agree with your opinion of her former owners and backyard breeders.


Rest peacefully Desi & Maya - you were well loved. Welcome Agnes - such a horribly sad story. We don't care how ugly she is, we will love her anyway. She will finally know how wonderful life can be at Saints

Lenore Henry

So sorry Carol, Renee and everyone at Saints for the loss of both Desi and Maya - at least at the end they were both comforted in loving arms. I think you speak for many of us Carol regarding Agnes's breeders - may she find trust again in your care....