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pride, guts and heart

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2014

lol...which part of turtle unisex names did everyone miss here? we don't know if he/she is a boy or a girl and i am not sticking some possibly poor misunderstood girl turtle with a name like donetello.

lets try again.

everyone was nutz tonight..the dogs, the barn guys..everyone had lost their minds. it made bedtime a pain in the ass but least i kept my wits about me and yelled at them all and made them somewhat behave.

i decided to do two dog runs tonight..i thought tia and mika would go out of their minds if i did not let them out to burn off some steam. i shut luna in the kitchen so she could not jump the fences and land inside mika's jaws because mika is not so subtly plotting to do her in at the first opportunity.

agnes had her first bath today..i talked to the vet and got doses for her meds. it is a long weekend so she needed to get started asap.

ruby is safe in the care of her new home...fingers are crossed that the old cranky cats are not too upset!

that's it for the updates...

so where does the title of this post come from? comes from lola.

honestly..her tumors are so huge now, i don't see how she still walks. but that damn dog pulled it all together and made it down to the pond. she had her token dip, came out and barked at the neighbors dog to give him or her shit for daring to be on the other side of the driveway and fence and then made it back up to the house..slowly..with great effort..but she did it and i think she did it by sheer willpower alone.

and if you ask me...this is the trouble with labs and retrievers..they just do not know the words...give up. bill was like that and dexter and sophie were too.
lola's tumors are huge now but not near as big as her heart.

she may be full of cancer but she is way more full up with pride, guts and just pure determined to live every moment heart.

ohhh...gotta go...mika just spied luna in the kitchen...better go put my weird fence popping babe back....mika might just figure out how to pop the door for a luna snack.



I vote for Shelly - which could be short for Sheldon or Shelley. And before you say no one would call a boy "Shelly", fans of Big Bang Theory know that is what's Sheldon's mom call him! And Heaven help everyone if the turtle is like Sheldon Cooper!

Debra in Malaysia

Some unisex names for "turtle"

Pokey (for being slow)
Sandy (Lori Paul mentioned )


Depending on the type of turtle tere are different ways to sex them. Her was due to the shape of her plastron.


Lola....yeah, last weekend she made me nervous swimming across the pond - not once, but twice. - I think she did it just to show me she could!! She's not about to just lie down and die , -an inspiration for sure.
Oh, and regarding the names for the turtle - Donnatella can be "Donna" for short ( if it's a girl), and Donnatello can be Donny for short ( if it's a boy) - Just had to throw that in Carol. You just have to change the last letter in the name when you know the sex!!! ( I really don't care what the name is, but having some fun with it anyway..)


how do you know she was a girl? i am looking for gender typing turtle tips! and monday is fine..i will try to pull out some more tomorrow on my break.


my turtle's name was ralph and she was a girl. it didn't seem to cause her any great stress. and it was a better choice that her original name which was Pookey.

also, i may be out monday to pick up crates for Cam if that's ok.