Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2014

ruby..aka now madaline is settling in her new home well.

little black chi buddy who has been very quiet for the past 24 hours is back to being a screaming dickhead again.

oscar the grouch has pooh butt again and i am really hoping that if i can get home for lunch tomorrow..someone kindly will help me fix it. i promise even tho the dog is scary as hell, i can make sure no one gets hurt...the trick is in how you carefully place and manuover him once he is on the shower and i am very good at this.

thx everyone for all of their help today!

i am very tired tonight so updating is done.



Carol I had to go. Hopefully Michelle can pop over to help with Oscar. Max had a bath tho.


Carol, I am there tomorrow. And as you know I happen to love Oscar and I will help you with his poo pants if you need me.


Hey carol. Phone me when ur home for lunch and I'll help u with oscar.