Rescue Journal

amber has passed away

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2014

she was our little chronically ill little bunny, one of my favorites.

there were a couple of reasons why amber was one of my was she was obviously a trendy pet store bunny...very unique and pretty but where i got her from was seriously sad., i got her from a farm animal broker (we were there to rescue a donkey on a chain, but that is a different story.). amber was hanging up in a barren wire crate and available for sale for meat...she was one of seven rabbits that we pulled out of there.

but the reason i loved amber (besides that she was sweet and pretty and chronically ill) was because amber was a truly great bunny (but not a truly great person.)

you have to understand this..amber was a great bunny but she was not a great person. and by this i mean, humans had nothing to offer her that she was interested in. she was afraid of people (no wonder) and did everything she could not to have to be a "PET." no hugging, no warm and fuzzy human moments, no indulging our sappy selves in interactions with her...she was afraid of us and she stayed that way...she was a smart rabbit who had learned well from experience.

but where amber utterly glowed with purity and goodness and kindness and patience was with her own kind. every rabbit that we ever housed with her over the past 4 years (and there were quite a lot)..loved her dearly. she was that sweet, and kind and trusting and gentle with all other rabbits and they all recognized this wonderful bunny trait of hers. she was every rabbits very good friend.
amber knew instinctively how to be a great rabbit, in a rabbit world. she did kind of suck at the human component of that world, but none of us are good at everything in the world.

i loved amber because she knew how to be great at being a rabbit..and i never expected her to be good at being a human....why should she? she was born to be who she was, not who we wanted her to be.

people have got to quit buying "pet" bunnies..the last thing a rabbit wants to be is a warm and fuzzy "pet" for other non rabbit beings.

rest in peace amber, sweet girl.



Thank you for the background on Amber Carol, She was a lovely little rabbit . I am so glad you saved her life . She sounds like she had been through a lot .

Since volunteering at Saints I have only got to know her as chronically ill. She was a fighter . She did not like to be held or snuggled . but she loved her freedom of her run and her bunny friends to share it with.

Penny and I and anyone else who had the pleasure of working with her loved her . Daniel will be missing his best friend.

Rest in peace no more illness in the meadow over the rainbow bridge ..


I had no idea of Amber's past life before Saints - no wonder she was nervous around people. She was a beautiful bunny, and we will miss her. The dynamics of the bunny cottage changes with every bunny who passes, and their memories linger there. Rest peacefully, little one.


i haven't seen him this morning but he was fine last night...rolling over for belly rubs, chowing down on his supper. he is less active, less vocal...could just be he is settling in and more comfortable...could be his disease is progressing..not sure. but we will watch and keep an eye on him.