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saints is a unique volunteering/employment experience...

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2014

and this is because within certain is self motivated, self driven.

we do have certain expectations...when a commitment is made, we rely on that commitment to help us meet the animals needs every day. we expect animals and other humans around here to be treated kindly and with respect, that the animals will receive the very best of care. we expect that the few safety rules we do have will be followed and we expect saints to remain free of personal and political agendas because those kind of negative human activities just take the focus away from the animals.

mostly folks write their own job descriptions...the bunny room folks have their unique routines, as do the cat, dog and farm animal people. and because each area actually has a multi-person team, the team members blend together to make an effective whole.

some folks stand on call ready to drop everything to help us in any last minute crises, some donate both weekend days every week, some donate a couple of hours. some are just really interested in their own shift and what is happening then and only in their area but doing a really kick ass and thorough job..others dive in, soak up learning experiences like a sponge and get dirty in all aspects and areas of this slightly odd rescue. to each his own and that is more than ok.

everyone is different..everyone is looking for something unique...some like a stable and predictable, time limited routine, some like the thrills of totally unpredictable rescue bungy jumping..different strokes for different folks.

i like that people get to choose how they are most comfortable with their involvement with this particular rescue. it is not that any one makes a grandiose statement outlining what they will or will not do..its not like anyone has a great big long list of rules of what they can or cannot do. but their comfort zones evolve and solidify over time and this in itself makes things clear.

i cannot think of a single person that i could not call if i needed some help in an area that they were comfortable in. and it is not only just in regards to's brother doug and our mp volunteer jen helped me out with some really good insurence/financial advise when i was buying my retirement cottage.

we as saints staff and volunteers have some things and/or many things unique to offer....but like amber the bunny who was great with bunnies but not so much with people, none of us have everything that saints might possibly ever need.

and this is why we make such a great team.

it takes a special person, a special team, a village, an army..whatever it takes..we have it somewhere handy around here.


yay saints multi-talented people!



All I can say is Saints is my happy place....when we volunteer, there are tough times, sad times, heart wrenching times, and good, memorable, heart warming times. In the end, I just love being part of something so amazing. SAINTS had me at hello :)


Guess I will start in the big dog room tomorrow - don't want to be in your way LOL


lol...i am going to help you tomorrow BECAUSE we not only have to do the switch over but we have to de-gross it down there too....oh and clean the filter!


Now if only we had a "yes I would love to be in charge of the crawl space and changing over from well to water tank and back" person! Oh wait...shit, I think it's me!


Man of few words. I agree with this posting. And thanks Carol Ann about the shelter challenge :=)


Yes the SAINTS people are amazing. The last time I had my nephew up there to help me (Thanksgiving day) he commented, as we were leaving, at how nice everyone was to him and how happy they all were.
He's only 9 and even he could see how the people come together for the animals.


Oh wait - I guess we already qualified for the finals in the Aviva Challenge, with voting starting December 1. Confusing!

Carol Ann

The shelter challenge is on again too. I had to download Internet Explorer 11 to be able to vote.


I second this post, Carol - there really are some amazing people at Saints, both staff and volunteers. And does anyone know what's happening with the second round of Aviva voting - it's supposed to start today, but we can't vote because there's no Vote button.