Rescue Journal

sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite!

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2014

i may not be going down into the black pit of plumbing pipes with erin today. i pulled a muscle in my back and am spasming today. might be from flipping out and doing the freaked out, flipped out totally crazy chicken dance on a sidewalk at work last night after discovering a bed bug on my shoe when taking my safety foot gear off. arghhhhh.
sigh..some days i actually do hate my job.

anyway...upper body not working a-ok.

you can buy "doctor doom" bed bug killer spray at london drugs..i know this because i ran there and bought some to spray in my car and all over the lower part of me just in case. it says on the label if you get the spray on your clothes or skin to call poison control...i skipped that part cuz that is exactly what i bought it for and am happy to say that i am still alive and doing well...bug free...except that my back is spasming.

not to be a panic monger but honestly..canadians ought to be more freaked out over the possibilty of bringing bedbugs home than of catching ebola. ebola is thousands upon thousands of miles away....bed bugs are no longer a problem of just low income housing....they are almost everywhere including our airports, hotels and public libraries.

i respect and value almost all life except bedbugs, flies and fleas...i view them as the pestilence of the centuries.

why can't those three tiny species become extinct??? we have killed off so many others...why not the real dastardly three?



I would add ticks to that list as well. I have yet to find anything in the great outdoors for which their presence on earth is required.