Rescue Journal

cowards and heroes

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2014

we had the vets back out to see katy again this morning, she wasn't eating. the vets upped her pain meds and that seemed to do the trick..she is eating again. i have to say that the folks at NFTRA have been so utterly wonderful with her..they have all taken her under their wing and are all going above and beyond to make her feel comfortable. she has a really dedicated fan club surrounding her there. it is sad that she will require a couple of more dental surgeries to remove the remaining abcessed teeth. but she will have a break for a bit while she recovers and heals from this one and we will worry about what will be when it will be...but thankfully not yet.

i have been reading on line a lot of the press on the murder of that truly honorable young soldier who loved his son and rescued dogs so well and of the young soldier killed in a hit and run. and i have been reading the articles on the brave sgt at arms who finally brought the shooter down. it seems to me we live in a conflicting world of really good people who were just passing by and rushed to a dying man trying to save him while telling him he was greatly loved, of hero's who risk their own lives to serve and protect others and of deranged and violent cowards who's only claim to fame is that they can shoot or run down unarmed good and innocent men.

the world may seem full of cowards...but this week we saw heroes stand tall and other good and honorable men sadly fall in proof of the honor and goodness of real men.


Mary Kaminski

Amen, Carol.

As an American, my heart goes out to our dear Canadian neighbors to the North, during this very, very sad and difficult time.