Rescue Journal

and more sad thoughts tonight..

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2014

i noticed in the past 24 hours..... lola was having a great deal of difficulty getting up when laying on her side. and now i know why...her front leg is breaking down....tonight it is swollen and now open. i think the tumor has gotten so big it is starting to interfere with the blood supply. why does she have to have so much spirit alive and well inside of her when her body is so very close to letting her down?
lab's live life differently..every moment of life is hugely interesting and needs to be cherished and embraced. so hard to tell them, now my love, it is time to let go and be free. they look at you like you are crazy...they are already happy and free.

i will call and make her appointment but i think first, lola would like a swim in the lake and a sleepover at the cabin...(i can drive her right down to the much easier than her trying to walk to the pond for her much loved swim.)

love you lola...last day...a really good day..i promise you this.



So sad to hear this, love this dog. It's wonderful that she gets to spend her last night with you and go for her much loved swim. Hugs to you and Lola.


Lola is one who touched me, her fight, her kindness, her love, for all that she received. Carol thank you for making her day as special as every day that she touched us. Lola, you are the epitome of life and loving it to its fullest.

lynne arnason

when i saw her on sunday she just lay there on the floor not even moving. she will have a good day with u it is very sad to lose her but it really is time. love you lola girl


Oh Carol; I'm so sorry, what a wonderful way for Lola to spend her last day - she would love that - today she wouldn't go outside and was reluctant to get up when I was there. You always put the animals needs/ best interests first. It's very sad, but I'm grateful for your amazing heart.