Rescue Journal

i am feeling badly tonight

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2014

i did not do my job here very well last night.

when i did barn bedtime last evening, crosby was out in the pouring rain..i got her up and inside where it was dry and shut her in for the night. tonight when we were shutting them in..i saw that she was already in, huddled in the straw shivering and she sounded congested. i turned on the heat lamps for her to help warm her up, gave her some food and water and made sure that billy was separated from her so he couldn't bug her when she is not feeling well.

and why the hell did i not do all of that for her last night before she took a chill?

because i did not think of it..i was thoughtless and careless.

i am so sorry crosby..with just a little bit of thought and concern for you, i could easily have done much better.


laura b

your words are a great own your mistake......learn from it.....promise to do better.......thanks for your leadership.