Rescue Journal

lola's passing

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2014


lola had a very good last day. while she did not swim in the lake, she did paddle around for a bit. she had fried chicken for lunch, toast for an afternoon snack, homemade biscuits and jam after dinner...lola loved a good meal above all. we had a quiet afternoon and evening, she laid around while i cooked and fed her. i think she really enjoyed the peace and quiet of just the two of us..she mostly just moved from bed to bed with the occasional trip outside and i divided myself between catering to her needs and watching movies. a pretty good night for a couple of old farts to share. we stopped at mcdonalds the next morning on the way to the vets and lola wolfed down her breakfast that then ate most of mine.
she passed very peacefully and gently from this was a good death and i think even she knew it was her time.

rest in peace sweet lola...i really enjoyed our last night together and hope you are now happy and free.



For some reason I am picturing Lola heading towards the bridge & it is Dexter who is the 1st to run to her & greet her & they are BFF . RIP Sweet Lola .


The sweetest dog ever, just a lovely girl......sweet dreams Lola, we will all miss you.
Hugs to you Carol.


Sounds like she had a wonderful day/night with you Carol, thank you for that. RIP Lola, you were a very sweet girl.

Lenore Henry

Thanks Carol for making Lola's last day special with you....


Don't know how your heart deals with all the sadness, Carol. Lola must have loved her day with you.

lynne arnason

you were such a good and sweet dog. you had the will to live but not the body. so glad your last day was a day just for you to be pampered. rip lola so sorry carol, but you did what was good and right for her. still hurts a lot tho