Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2014

some kids just went nutz with rockets over in the school yard..the horses were flipping out in their stalls, the mp dogs went insane and pooped everywhere in terror. the house dogs are freaked but not as badly because i had all the TV volumes up louder in here. i turned up the mp radio to full blast and turned on all of the lights.
god. what is mankinds fascination with blowing shit up and terrorizing innocent wild and domestic creatures?

it is such a stupid and thoughtlessly selfish human we are the only ones in the universe or something....drives me (and the poor terrified animals) utterly insane.



My two dogs were ok but my cat wasn't. Even tonight she is pacing around the house trying to find a safe place. The sound of the firecrackers doesn't stop! It's getting on my nerves too.

another Doreen

Probably didn't help that Halloween fell on a Friday this year. I expect there will be more fireworks and parties tonight. Especially since a lot of people thought it was going to rain last night, but then it suddenly cleared up. So turn up those TV's and radios again tonight!
And next year Halloween will fall on a Saturday so that will probably be a loud one too. :(


Couldn't get our dogs out either for a pee either - well they went out with me but came running back in. This year was way worse than last year WTF.


I couldn't even get Barbie to go out for a pee she was so freaked out. I hate fireworks and wish they would stop selling them. So many animals are freaked out by

Carly Fournier

The fire works were bad here too.I let Nikka out to pee and the screamer fire works nearly made her jump out of her skin


This year is horrible..I cant help but think of the lost or stray animals out there..they must be terrified. Hope the kids have moved on and barn guys are Ok.


I endorse your comments fully when it comes to the effect on animals. My neighborhood sounds like war zone and my old animals are also freaked out.

But it goes beyond that: I can only guess what this nonsense must feel like for a veteran suffering from PTSD. This is a bizarre, senseless tradition, like firing an AK47 into the air to celebrate. It is hardly a reflection of a civilized society.