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let's cut the bullshit

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2014

i read a post today about how folks are so disillusioned with rescue....we ask for donations for animals but we actually get boob jobs, we post and exploit the most pathetic photos of terribly sad animals to guilt folks into donating, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we beg for money continually, even when we do not have any animals to care for, we hoard, we warehouse, we flip them like pancakes AND...we are ignorant to people and incredibly rude.

ok so some or all of this may be true of some "rescues" but it is not true of all rescues.

some of us don't even know we have boobs..they are pretty much non existent and we do not care. some of us actually avoid posting exploitive photos..not because we do not need the money but because no amount of money is worth the violent comments that these photo's usually produce, most of us do not want donations that are not freely and happily with strings of guilt or unreal expectations are also more trouble than they are worth. we actually do not ask for money as often as we need it..some of us hate asking for help, it makes us feel like incompetent beggars and so we only do it when we have absolutely have to. we do not lie, cheat or steal because our parents taught us this was wrong and we do really try to always do what is right. we never NOT have animals to care for, when one goes out one comes in because that is what we are here for. we do not hoard..we WANT our animals to find really good homes but we will not send them out to the wrong ones just to get them out of here. we are not intentionally ignorant and rude to people but sometimes folks take offence in hearing the truth.

bottom line is we are not the bad guys..we actually all in all, are pretty damn freaking good.

just because someone says they are rescue..does not make them rescues. just because someone takes in homeless animals also does not make them rescue.

rescue is a multi-factor is not just about is about the people too. and it takes money, hard work, sacrifice, intelligence, ethics, morality, manners, problem solving skills, at least somewhat civilized people skills, and insight, hindsight, far sight, ...."i soooo love the widdle, fuzzy, wuzzy doggies and i just HATE people" is just not going to do it.

painting all rescues with the good or bad brush is lazy and stupid. there are rescues out there that can and do the job well...and there are others out there that don't or shouldn't.

no rescue is rescue will meet every single person's unique set of expectations but we damn well better be doing the actual job of rescue.

in this age of social media it is so easy to fall into any number of scamming pull on the heart strings traps of crap. but just because the bad guys are out there does not mean the good guys should be punished too.

folks need to learn the difference between real life and fairy tale. and if they can't or won't, at least try not to blame real rescue.


Tracy Lee

Beautiful and eloquent as always, Carol! Thanks again for all you do! and thanks to the amazing volunteers I know and work with!

another Doreen

I wish there was a "Like" button for some of these posts!
I "Like" this one!
And I like your new annual haircut Carol! I saw it in a couple of the pictures posted on Facebook yesterday. It's funny how people make assumptions and pass judgments without caring to find out all the facts! If they read the SAINTS Blog occasionally, they would realize that you and other true rescuers do not take donations from their rescue for their own personal use (and boob jobs)! In fact you often give your own money to the rescue to keep it going! And you do without a lot of luxuries and pleasures so that the animals don't go without anything!
You are a true rescuer as far as I am concerned!


i can't help but think any thoughts involving boobs is predominately awesome.

i knew i loved Saints for all the right reasons!

golden rule, animals that are beloved, boobs, and good homes for the animals if they can be found.


I too love the way Saint's is operated (No bullshit exists), & everyone (staff, volunteers & Kahuna in charge (no name to be given), are dedicated to the organization and cause.


Good post, Carol. But honestly, you gave me my laugh for the day. Your are SO NOT the type to get a boob job - and I mean that as a compliment!!!!

laura b

Yes, if you want to donate to any charity you should do your research. That is why I love that Saints has an open door and gladly gives tours(every nook & crany) we are proud of our sanctuary and want everyone to meet the amazing animals that call it home.