Rescue Journal

tough night

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2014

lots of barking...we need to go out and shep had a diarrhea explosion in epic amounts...on the bed, in the bottom of my closet, that sprayed the walls, is on his head and i am pretty sure possibly sprayed upwards into my clothes above him.
my mind is boggled by that possibility. i do not want to strip out the closet and wash all that stuff. i think i might have to.
animal rescue sucks.

one of our foster dogs..little andy (andrea) is quite sick at the vets...she is in ketoacidosis, not responding well to insulin. she is a long term skin dog, on long term steriods...diabetes and cushings are the risks in the treatment. if she stabilizes the clinic will do the cushings stim test and andy will probably be a diabetic/cushings dog with really bad skin and we need to switch her to atopeica which is very expensive. this is a new vet for us...she is very good. but she wasn't sure how far our budget would allow us to go for her. i told her our budget goes as far as a good quality of life. it is not about dollars, it is about a comfortable and happy life.
fingers crossed for andy that her blood sugars stablize.

i have no idea what that idiot murphy ate this morning but it was red, and made of fabric and the size of my fist. i tried to get it away from him but he just ran away and swallowed it fast.
that pissed me better not have been anything that is dangerous and won't come out on it's own again.

i did see katy this week and mo was with her yesterday and going to give her a good brushing..i bet katy loved that.

we had to move the cats out of the computer room...mika was becoming too insistent on playing with them and since it was escalating we were afraid it might turn into something not so nice.
the cats are totally pissed that they got the boot. rule...NO CATS IN THE COMPUTER ROOM.

two new dogs coming in from animal old guy with lumps and a tilted head is coming from surrey and depending on how her blood work comes back,,possibly an old sick yorkie from chilliwack.

i think that is all of the news.



just out of the room..they can still have the kitchen and the back bedrooms