Rescue Journal

is it all about what we haven't got?

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2014

like..if saints had a 5 million dollar building built exactly the way we wanted it...would all of our problems suddenly be solved?

hmmmm...well maybe...IF we could keep the very same staff and volunteers...maybe a perfect building would be perfect for us.

but given our current status...if i had to choose between the perfect 5 million dollar facility and our current staff and volunteers....i would choose our people.

it is not the walls, floors and ceilings here that make us who we is the helpful and gentle hands, it is the kind and respectful hearts, it is the willingness to go those extra miles in caring about each animal here....that is what makes us who we are.

and you know something? that is what so many folks miss about living a truly good life. it was never about how much we have or have not. it has always been about what we are willing to give.

when we give to the world around us...our compassionate thoughts, our precious time, the gentle strength in our hands..that is when we make the world WE live in a little bit nicer to live in.

huge and heart felt thanks to all of the saints staff and volunteers for making saints a better world for our animals and ourselves to live in...great job everyone and we are so very lucky to have you all here!


Carol Ann

you definitely have some good , kind, caring people there at SAINTS. and the Aviva voting starts again today I think.


Ditto to the comments above....absolutely true -and Shawn, I'd love to try that pie. Too bad I'm working Tuesday.


The pie wasn't a fail! It will be in your fridge Tuesday.

In all honesty, it is SAINTS that has made my life better, and thank you for that, Carol