Rescue Journal

a second chance.

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2014

thanks to everyone for covering for me today..sorry i couldn't zip home for lunch but it was a busy work day.

one of the reasons i love my job so much is because it is real. there is no fantasy, fairy tale wishful is pretty basic..sick people hoping to feel better. my job puts things into perspective because it really is about only life and death. i know all of the palliative clients i have met along the way would easily have traded places with pretty much anyone just to be healthy and live another day.

we waste so much of our lives in bitterness, anger, doubt, regret, envy, loathing ourselves, loathing others and craving something magically better.

a life half empty? no life is half empty. where there is overflows. unless we choose to diminish it by insisting it be something more.

we are not easily satisfied..we think we are entitled to more.

maybe one day we will learn that the magical seeds of happiness, contentment and fulfillment are right here inside of us...we just have to shut up with the negative stuff and allow them to grow.

positive thoughts about ourselves and others, finding the goodness all around us, being thankful for whatever it is that we have...our health, a future, family and friends, another day that can be lived with positive purpose...another day to try to get it right...a second or third chance?...another day just to breathe freely and live.

every moment that we live is a gift...we should try not to squander it.



I am printing this and tacking it to my wall at home and work--I myself need to be reminded of this--life is just too damn short...thank you for your wise words, again. :)


I absolutely agree. I really wish some people wouldn't freak out over silly simple things and truly learn to appreciate what they DO have - like health and family. Sadly, it takes something negative to realize how lucky most of us are!


We all need to be reminded of this once in a while. So important to appreciate what we have.